LigaSure LF1637 Sealer Divider blunt tip laparoscopic 5 mm – 37 cmLigaSure LF1637 Sealer Divider blunt tip laparoscopic 5 mm – 37 cm

LigaSure LF1637 Sealer Divider blunt tip laparoscopic 5 mm – 37 cm

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LigaSure LF1637 Sealer Divider blunt tip laparoscopic 5 mm – 37 cm. Compatible with ForceTriad™ energy platform only. 

This product replaces LF1537.

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LigaSure LF1637 Sealer Divider blunt tip laparoscopic 5 mm – 37 cm

Compatible with ForceTriad™ energy platform only.

  • Sealer/divider
  • 5 mm diameter; 37 cm (14,6 in.) length
  • 180 degree shaft rotation
  • Blunt jaw, double-action with contoured tips design
  • Textured jaw with ceramic stops
  • Hand switching or foot switching

This product replaces LF1537. Improvements include:

  • Improved blunt dissection
  • Better stability
  • Greater comfort and reduced fatigue
  • 9% wider jaw

Procedural applications for this device include:

  • General Surgery
  • Gynaecology Surgery
  • Oncology

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Product Background: 

LigaSure™ 5-mm Blunt Tip laparoscopic instrument is the latest sealer/divider from Medtronic (Dublin, Ireland). LigaSure™ technology has been used since 1998 and there are a variety of instruments for use in both laparoscopic and open procedures. It uses a combination of pressure and continuous bipolar energy to create vessel fusion. The instrument seals vessels by applying high, uniform mechanical compression while monitoring and adjusting energy delivery to the tissue. Collagen and elastin fibers in the compressed vessel walls are denatured; during the cool-down phase, crosslinking reoccurs, effectively creating a new, solid wall of collagen and elastin tissue. An algorithm in the generator determines optimal time and energy delivery to achieve consistent seals for vessels as large as 7 mm in diameter.

The energy source is the ForceTriad™ energy platform (Sold separately) (Image), designed to precisely manage energy delivery, creating a range of options for desired tissue effect. There is a feedback-controlled response system (TissueFect™ sensing technology), which automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete, eliminating the guesswork. TissueFect™ sensing technology monitors changes in tissue impedance 3333 times a second, and adjusts energy output accordingly to deliver the appropriate amount of energy for the desired tissue effect.

LigaSure™ works quickly with an average seal cycle of 2–4 s. LigaSure™ vessel sealing technology has a 95 % probability of a burst pressure greater than three times normal systolic blood pressure. This means there is increased vessel-sealing reliability and consistency in the operating room.

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